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Terms and Conditions

1. Contract

1.1 The hire contract about the enclosed described summer cottage is closed obligingly if the attached enclosed hire contract of the tenant signed to the renter has shut. Alternatively reaches the entrance of the deposit.

1.2 The summer cottage is rented to the tenant for the given contract duration exclusively to the use for holiday purposes and may be booked only with the maximum personal number given in the hire contract.

2. Rent price and additional costs

2.1 In the agreed rent price all inclusively calculated additional costs are included (e.g., for stream, heating, water).

2.2 The tenant has to deposit 25% of the rent sum for the security of his contract within 7 days after written confirmation (mail or post) of his written order by the renter. If the deposit in spite of reminder does not go on time with the renter one this is entitled to withdraw without term settlement from the contract. Then the tenant is obliged to the substitute of the resulted expenditures and the escaped profit. The final payment is to be performed at the latest 28 days before rent beginning on the account given below. In the connection the tenant receives a writing which entitles him to receive the house key on site.


Susanne Prueser

Account No.: 1642727


Sparkasse Wuppertal
Internationally: IBAN: DE19 3305 0000 0001 6427 27

3. Security

The tenant pays to the renter a security for fitment and equipment objects at the rate of EUR 200.00, groups EUR 300.00 to provide the security with the payment of the balance. It is paid back at the end of the rent stay after leaving the summer cottage properly within 4 working days.

4. Rent duration / inventory

4.1 On the journey day the renter puts down the rent object to the tenant 16:00 o'clock in contract-appropriate state at the possession.

4.2 The tenant is asked to check the rent object and the inventory located in it immediately after his arrival and to inform of any defects at the latest on the day following the arrival the renter or that of this named contact.

4.3 Basically the garbage is to be separated. Garbage tonnes for green point, paper and rest garbage are ready on the area. Glass is to be decontaminated in suitable containers in Meiserich or Ulmen. Offences are charged to the tenant.

4.4 On the departure day the tenant will hand over the rent object to the renter at the latest 10.00 o'clock removed in well-swept state. Besides, the tenant still has to do the following works himself: Depart to the bedclothes, rinsing the dishes and emptying the wastepaper baskets and garbage cans, heaters on frost protection turn down.

5. Resignation by the tenant

5.1 The tenant can withdraw before the beginning of the rent time by written explanation towards the renter from the hire contract. The time of the access of the resignation explanation with the renter is decisive.

5.2 If the tenant withdraws from the hire contract, he has to pay all-inclusive compensation with the expenditures already resulted by the renter and the escaped profit by the following height:

  • Resignation up to the 45th day before the beginning of the rent time: 20% (at least nevertheless, 25 euros)

  • Resignation up to the 35th day before the beginning of the rent time: 50%

  • Afterwards and with nonappearance 100%

5.3 The proof is left to the tenant that has originated with the renter nobody or a substantially lower damage.

5.4 The tenant can name with resignation of the contract a spare tenant who is ready to enter at his place into the existing contractual relationship. The renter can contradict the entry of the third if this appears economically or personally unreliable. If a third enters into the hire contract, he and the present tenant to the renter stick as a joint debtor for the rent price and by the entry of the third to originating add-on costs.

5.5 The renter otherwise has to rent after Faithfully and faith a not taken up lodging and must add to the account the savings thereby on the cancelation fees asserted by him.

6. Right to cancel

6.1 A right to the well-arranged notice does not exist.

6.2 Both parties to a contract can discontinue the contractual relationship after §543 Civil Code or under the conditions §569 Civil Code without notice and exceptionally for important reason.

6.3 An important reason is given for the renter in particular if the tenant uses the house contrary to the terms of the agreement (considerable breach of contract) or the house order ignores. In case of a considerable breach of contract the renter to the tenant a short term must caution to the remedy placed or, unless, this is not successful-promissory or there are given exceptionally the reasons which justify a renunciation. In this case the renter of the tenant Ersatz of the expenditures resulted up to the notice and the escaped profit can ask (cf. Ziff. 5.2).

6.4 The renter has further a right to rescind or a right to the extraordinary notice if the tenant in spite of previous reminder makes the agreed payments (deposit, final payment and security) not in time. In this case the renter of the tenant Ersatz of the expenditures resulted up to the notice and the escaped profit can ask (cf. Ziff. 5 b).

6.5 An important reason is given for the tenant in particular if the renter does not grant to the tenant the use according to contract of the summer cottage.

6.6 For the rest, the legal regulations are valid to the right of the extraordinary, instant notice.

7. Abolition of the contract because of unusual circumstances

The hire contract can be discontinued by both sides if the fulfilment of the contract complicates as a result of higher power not predictable by completion of the contract considerably, is endangered or is affected. Both parties to a contract become free of her contractual obligations. Nevertheless, they must already refund produced achievements for the in each case other party to a contract.

8. Duties of the tenant

8.1 The tenant undertakes to treat the rent object together with inventory with all care. For the culpable damage of fitments, rent rooms or the building as well as to the rent rooms or the building to belonging arrangements the tenant is indemnifiable if and in this respect it has been caused by him or his escorts or visitors culpably. All objects, in the rent object which have not been brought by the tenant in addition count, e.g., towels, bedclothes, dish towels etc. – remain in the property of the renter.

8.2 In the rent rooms originating damages the tenant so far he has not even for the removal is obliged to indicate immediately the renter or that of this named contact place. For the secondary damages caused by not timely announcement the tenant is indemnifiable.

8.3 In Spülsteine, sink basin and toilet rubbish, cinder, injurious liquids and similar may not be thrown in or be poured. If blockage appears because of nonobservance of these regulations in the sewage pipes, the cause bears the costs of the repair.

8.4 Open fires are not permitted on the whole area. Offences lead to the move of the security. Grill and chimney are to be cleaned after use.

8.5 By perhaps appearing disturbances in arrangements and facilities of the rent object the tenant is obliged to do even all reasonable to contribute to a removal of the disturbance or perhaps to hold originating damage low.

8.6 The tenant undertakes to keep to the maximum allocation. If the tenant crosses the maximum allocation number agreed in the hire contract, the renter is entitled to the extraordinary instant notice. The tenant has to the renter in this case the already resulted expenditures and the escaped profit (cf. Ziff. To refund 5.2).

9. Liability of the renter

9.1 The renter sticks for the correctness of the description of the rent object and is obliged to produce the by contract agreed achievements properly and to receive during the whole rent time. The renter does not stick for defects which were known to the tenant by end of this contract.

9.2 If defects of the rent thing are given, the tenant must inform the renter or if necessary the house management about these defects immediately. If the tenant omits from this announcement, no claims are entitled to him because of non-fulfilment of the achievements according to contract (in particular no claims to rent decrease).

9.3 The liability of the renter for damages to property is excluded, as far as she did not suck on a deliberate or roughly careless duty injury of the renter or his fulfilment assistant or on a careless injury of essential contract duties (. Cardinal's duties) of the renter are based. The renter does not stick in cases of higher power (e.g., fire, flood etc.). For the things which are brought by the tenant on the property or in the rent object the renter assumes no liability.

10. Keeping of pets

Animals, in particular dogs, cats may be held and the like only with explicit permission of the renter in the hire contract against fees or be kept temporarily. The permission is valid only for the isolated case. It can be revoked if unwholesomeness enters. The tenant sticks for all damages originating from the keeping of pets.

11. Changes of the contract

Additional agreements, changes and supplements of the contract as well as all legal-considerable explanations need the written form.

12. Mutual thoughtfulness

The tenants are requested to mutual thoughtfulness. In particular are annoying noises, in particular loud door throwing and such activities which the occupants bother by the originating noise and affect the domestic rest to avoid. Make music is to be omitted in the time from 22.00 o'clock to 8.00 o'clock and from 13.00 o'clock to 15.00 o'clock. Broadcasting company, television and audio are to be put only on household noise level.

13. Legal choice and legal venue

13.1 It finds German right use.

13.2 For all disputes from this contractual relationship the district court in whose district the defendant has his general legal venue is responsible.

13.3 For complaints of the renter against businessmen, legal entities of the public or private right or people who have no general legal venue in Germany or have moved after end of the contract her residence or usual place of residence abroad or whose residence or usual place of residence is not known at the time of the complaint elevation the residence of the renter is agreed as an exclusive legal venue.


Wuppertal, 1st of October, 2012

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